Lent Day 1 – “The Hunger of the Wilderness”

Insights on “From the Grave: A 40-Day Lent Devotional” by A.W. Tozer

by Rev. Dee Miller – Visitation Pastor/Valpo FUMC

Time of solitude!!! Many people have difficulty being alone in the silence but if you know the words of Jesus: “I am with you always…..” then you can learn to enjoy a routine of solitude and quiet sometime during the day. In order to produce fruitfulness, both the fields of the earth and the direction of our days needs quiet time. Psalm 46:10 tell us: “Be still and know that I am God.” Jesus himself modeled for us over and over again a need to pull away from the daily demands to pray, to listen and to refresh his relationship with God.

Twenty years ago, I began my 5 a.m. routine of getting up and reading the Bible and devotion book sitting in a big chair with a warm blanket, cuddling with my four legged children. This daily time has been a life-giving routine for me. It allowed me to walk through the darkness after my husband’s death and it also allowed me to be a cancer survivor of 15 years. This time gives me a positive loving focus for the day and gives me the tools and lens to walk through what life transpires. With this time of focus, my heart can be filled of love, grace, and peace so that when it is time for me to use my voice during the day it hopefully will reflect what my heart is full of: God’s love.

Our world is so full of chaos: if it isn’t the many dreary stories on the news, you can turn to social media, whether it is facebook, twitter, or instant messenger and find the chaos of the world encroaching into our very lives, tempting us to join the chaotic merry go round. Any spiritual experience, whether it is hiking, sitting in silence, or taking retreat to some special place can help exempt us from temptation and spiritual warfare. If we aren’t watchful and prayerful, “the neglected heart will so be a heart overrun with worldly things.” So during this Lenten season, take some time of solitude and focus on what good lies within and feel God’s comfort and wisdom around you. Listen to God in the silence and be filled with love and forgiveness and peace.