Lent Day 13 – Stopped Dead in Your Tracks?

Patient at hospital
Insights on From the Grave: A 40-Day Lent Devotional by A.W. Tozer

by Rev. Dee Miller – Visitation Pastor / Valpo FUMC

It has been a blessing in my life to have had incredible spiritual people that have been placed in my life for a period of time to mentor me and to challenge me to want the depth of faith that I witnessed in their lives. One special spiritual friend once told me that accepting Jesus into our hearts and lives is only the beginning of the journey. How that acceptance transforms our life’s journey is the real challenge. As Tozer states, the Word of God will awaken a desire within us to move forward in a spiritual adventure with Christ. The adventure is not just speaking and talking but taking action and doing.

As a pastor, I have had the privilege of leading people to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Then I have watched as these same people become hungry for more knowledge and a deeper relationship with their Lord. Through Emmaus journey, Bible studies, retreats, small groups, and worship experiences, I have been privileged to witness, people become disciples as the Holy Spirit leads them forward in their lives as their faith calls them to become a disciple of Jesus.

As a chaplain, I am called to constantly look for how God is revealing himself anew through a nurse, a doctor or a patient. I have had the honor to see people make their own choice to turn off life support systems because they know through their faith that they are about to receive the ultimate prize of eternal life which gives them incredible peace. I also with sadness witness people who have never accepted Jesus and do not have the assurance of His love, grace and mercy in their lives. At their time of their physical death there is not the peace that passes all human understanding but rather tears and pain and regret. I also have the privilege of encouraging people that God is with them in their time of need and that they need to listen and be aware of when they will next have the privilege of seeing God revealed anew to them—-whether it is through the loving care of a nurse or the compassionate touch of a doctor or the support of a devoted family.

As we journey through our lives, we must stay alert and awake for a sign, a whisper or an opportunity to gain—-to know Christ more fully—-to see Christ anew in His creation—–to hear His higher call to action as His hands and feet in this chaotic and hurting world which is the sacred prize.



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