Lent Day 12 – Our Enemy Contentment

Insights on From the Grave: A 40-Day Lent Devotional by A.W. Tozer

by Karyn Custer-Jankowski – Director of Children’s Ministries/Valpo FUMC

Our devotion today speaks to contentment being our enemy OR complacency, especially in spiritual and holy matters!

As humans, we can never be DONE growing and maturing because we are organic beings with an ever present ability to learn, grow, mature, and change. The same can be said for being a Christian and having a personal relationship with God. One can never be fully THERE – DONE – FINISHED – in growing this relationship. How foolish one would be to think this was the case!

I was recently watching a show on T.V. and a man was saying to a long suffering woman, “I hope that you find happiness soon and that your suffering comes to an end.” The woman, who is very religious, said that if she had to choose between suffering or not, she would choose suffering because it is then that she spends more time in prayer and meditation with God, and she is comforted by Him.

I’m sure we’ve heard this many times in our lives, how when we suffer we look more intently to God our Father versus when times are good. We may pray daily and thank God for all of our blessings but it is in times of need where we dive into our faith and relate to Him on a deeper, more intent level.

In life it is good to be content with that which we already have, to not always be wanting more and more… but in our spiritual lives, we should never be content – we should want more and more as it relates to our relationship with our God.



3 thoughts on “Lent Day 12 – Our Enemy Contentment

  1. Karyn, Thank you for your insight. I pray for contentment and peace often. I am learning contentment with what the Lord provides for me daily. However, spiritually I am learning I will not never be content! It s a daily fight for me to draw closer to Him, obey Him, learn more about Him, and to become more like Him. Thanks again, for the timely reminder!


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