Lent Day 6 – Be Holy!

Insights on From the Grave: A 40-Day Lent Devotional by A.W. Tozer

by Karyn Custer-Jankowski – Director of Children’s Ministries/Valpo FUMC

“A Holy Roller!!” Have you ever been called a “Holy Roller’??

I think because I work in a church and I have faith in God, people use this ‘moniker’ for me. In fact, I’ve heard family members call me this in the past. But I wonder, am I holy?

Our reading today speaks very clearly to the point that we should, as Christians, be holy because it is important to God! Peter reminds us that we should “be holy because God is holy.”

OK then, what does it mean to be holy in “life and conversation”? According to the dictionary, holy means this: ‘dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred.’ So it’s not just about moral behavior and thoughts. Holiness is MORE; a relationship and dedication to God that comes out in your behavior and conversation.

It sounds to me like being holy is a choice – which makes sense because God gave us the ability to make choices. But it also seems that being holy is not a half measure, as in I will do THIS in a holy way, but I’m going to say THAT in a way that is not so holy. It’s brings to mind one of those wonderful ‘GOD’ billboards that I’ve seen along the highways; “Love Thy Neighbor”, that was not a suggestion – God.

So, am I holy? What choices am I making day in and day out – NO! – MINUTE in and MINUTE out – that determine my ‘holiness’. Am I in relationship with God in a way that makes me more aware of my choices from minute to minute? If I am taking care to have quiet reflection time; reading my Bible and praying and therefore growing in a relationship with God, well then my words and actions would reflect that! I would be more holy. Seems to me, this is what God wants.



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